Renting in Hopkins

Apartment Building and Trees

Rental License Inspections Currently Suspended

The City suspended routine rental license inspections on March 17, 2020 due to COVID-19. Non-safety related inspections of residences continue to be suspended for resident and staff safety. 

Safety concerns and resident complaints will be reviewed by staff and, if required, staff will enter the premises for inspection using COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Rental inspections of vacant units are being conducted at this timeIf your rental unit is vacant, please contact staff to schedule an inspection.  

When we return to conducting routine rental inspections, they will be done in the order they are due. You will be contacted in advance if your rental property is due for inspection. Staff is currently reviewing the possibility of virtual inspections.


Rental property makes up approximately 60 percent of Hopkins’ housing.

License Required

The City of Hopkins requires an annual license for all premises rented in whole or in part as a dwelling unit. This ensures that the City of Hopkins has inspected or will be inspecting the property (in accordance with the City's rental inspection program). It is illegal for property owners to lease residential property in Hopkins without a license.

Note to Renters

Ask to see a copy of the City of Hopkins Rental License associated with the property you are considering renting.

Looking for resources? Check out our Resources for Renters brochure (PDF).


Tenant Hotline: 612-728-5767 or 866-866-3546

HOME Line is a Minnesota nonprofit tenant advocacy organization that provides free legal, organizing, education, and advocacy services so that tenants throughout Minnesota can solve their rental housing problems.

Callers will get accurate information about rental housing laws and learn what they can do to enforce their rights as renters. Any Minnesota tenant (outside of Minneapolis and St Paul) may call and the service is free.

Property Maintenance Inspections 

All rental properties are subject to inspection a minimum of every three years. Inspections include the interior and exterior of the structure, all accessory structures, including retaining walls, fences and the entire premises (driveways, yard and vehicles).

Rental Property Complaint Inspections 

Property maintenance issues at rental properties are to be reported in writing to the property owner or property manager before reporting it to the City of Hopkins. If the tenant has reported the issue(s) verbally, please put the work request in writing, keep a copy of it for your records and allow a reasonable amount of time for them to address the issue(s). The City of Hopkins may be copied on the written notice. 

Filing a Complaint with the City

If the owner or manager does not address it in a timely manner, a complaint may be submitted to the City of Hopkins Fire Marshal Garrett Grniet and a complaint inspection may be initiated. If an inspection is conducted and violations of minimum property maintenance code standards are found, correction orders will be issued and a re-inspection will be conducted to ensure compliance. If the correction is not made, either a final notice or an administrative citation will be issued. 

This inspection policy does not apply to imminent hazards*, which should be reported to the property owner. If immediate action is not taken, contact Fire Marshal Garrett Grniet at 952-548-6454. 

*Imminent hazards include, but are not limited to: gas leaks,shock hazards, structural failures or impending collapse, lack of running water or sewage service, lack of electricity, lack of heating facilities during winter months, and similar conditions posing a significant hazard to the life or health of the occupants.