Proposed Rental Inspections Program Revisions

Over the last year, the City has deferred rental inspections due to public health concerns relating to COVID-19. While looking into restarting the rental inspection program, the City also began to review the program as a whole, including ordinances and processes, with a few goals in mind:

  • Finding ways to improve efficiencies and equity
  • Utilizing the rental program as a platform to build upon the City's current outreach efforts to meet citywide renter engagement and participation goals.

Proposed Changes

Presentation to Council on 7/20/2021 (PDF)

7/20/2021 Council Memo (PDF)

Below are the draft documents for the program for public review. 

Program Revision Timeline 

 Below is the tentative timeline for the process. 


Staff begin initial meetings to develop goals and process

Late February/March

Internal process review


High-level community engagement (Hopkins Apartment Managers Association, Multicultural Advisory Committee, rental owners and community at-large) 


Staff review of engagement and finalization of draft revisions


Multicultural Advisory Committee input/review

June 10

Community review and input on draft revisions

June 14-June 28

Staff review of feedback and revisions of the draft

June 28-July 9 

Council review

July 20

Final staff revisions based on input received from council

July 21 - 29

Council first reading

August 2

Council second reading 

August 17

Previous Engagement