The Hopkins Police Department is now on the Neighbors™ app. 

What is Neighbors™?

Created by Ring Security Systems, Neighbors™ is a free, app-based technology that allows users to view and post content only related to public safety. You do not have to own or use Ring Security products to use the app

How Does Neighbors™ Work?

Hopkins businesses and residents can sign-up for Neighbors™ as long as a valid local address is provided. Hopkins Police will post safety alerts and send out requests for voluntary community assistance, such as asking for security camera footage, and will monitor posts from residents and respond to questions when able. 

Get Started With Neighbors

Download the app on the App Store or in Google Play. A button image that says "Available on the App Store"A button image that says "Get It On Google Play"


Contact the Hopkins Police Department or visit the  Visit the Neighbors™ FAQ page for more information.