Dumpster Permits

Construction debris cannot be disposed in normal trash pickup. Dumpsters can be rented from a number of companies providing that service. To find a company, search "dumpster rental" in an online search engine.

Dumpsters may not be stored on a street, boulevard, or alley without a permit from the Public Works Department. To get a permit, you must submit an application (PDF) at the Public Works Department (11100 Excelsior Boulevard) or City Hall (1010 1st Street S). For more information, call 952-548-6372.

Online Dumpster Permit Application

Red Dumpster

Barricades & Flashers

You are required to place barricades and flashers as indicated on the permit. Barricade and flasher rental information is available on the second page of the permit application.

Sand, Gravel or Dirt

It is also a violation of City ordinance to store building materials including sand, gravel or dirt on any street or alley right-of-way. Please inform construction material suppliers and excavators when ordering materials of the appropriate storage location for deliveries.

Please be neighborly. Contain construction debris from blowing into neighboring yards.