Parking With a Permit

Most of the parking lots downtown require a parking permit if you're staying for more than a couple hours. A single day or event permit may be obtained at Hopkins City Hall for $3 (plus tax). Lost permits will be replaced at a service charge of $7.

View the parking lot map page for location of permit spaces.

Municipal Parking Ramp

Municipal Parking Ramp

Downtown Parking Permit Fees

Effective January 1, 2024 (sales tax included).

Time FrameRegular CostElectric Car Cost
Day$3.26not available
Overnight$46.67not available
Month$46.67not available

With the exception of the electric car permits, a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space or reserve any specific space in any municipal lot or ramp. Electric car permits have designated parking spaces in the parking ramp that are equipped with electrical outlets.

Location of Permit on Vehicle

Permits must be affixed to the lower left corner in the rear window. Permits must be visible from the adjacent drive aisle at all times when the vehicle is parked. Avoid placing the adhesive permit sleeve directly over any rear defroster wires.

Electric Cars

The City has two designated electric car permit stalls located in the parking ramp which include electrical outlets. The additional fee for electric cars is to cover the cost of electricity used to charge the car while parked in the stall.

Fast Charging Station

The City and a private company, ZEF energy, have partnered to provide a fast charger to the public. A DC Fast Charger has been installed in front of a parking space along 11th Avenue across the street from the Arts Center. The Fast Charger can provide many electric vehicles with a charge of up to 80% of capacity in as little as 20 minutes.