Maintenance & Repairs

Though the City of Hopkins is responsible for activities including inspecting and cleaning sanitary sewer mains, manholes, storm sewers, and sanitary sewer lift stations, some responsibility falls on the property owner to manage and maintain their water and sanitary sewer service.

Water Service

Property owners are responsible for the water service from the house or structure to the water main in the street, including the corporation stop at the water main and curb stop at the right-of way line. The City will perform minor curb box repairs that do not require excavation.

The operation, maintenance, and repairs to the water service is the responsibility of the owner of the property served. All costs incurred due to service related problems are the responsibility of the property owner.

Frozen Water in Your Pipes

Property owners are responsible for thawing frozen water in their pipes. Thawing should be done using a hair dryer, hot air or water, or steam. The use of an electric welder is prohibited.

If internal pipes have frozen, the property owner should attempt to get heat into the affected area by opening ceiling tiles, doors, and insulation and sealing off the cold air source that caused the plumbing to freeze. If you're unable to thaw the plumbing contact a plumber to assist you. If your plumbing is leaking and you're not able to shut off the water supply contact the City at 952-939-1382 and we will try to turn off your curb stop.

Sanitary Sewer Service

Property owners are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the entire sanitary sewer service from the connection to the sanitary sewer main in the street into the property that is being served by the service pipe. All costs incurred due to service related problems are the responsibility of the property owner.

More Information

See our Sewer Backups page for more information.

Repairing the Street After Water or Sewer Repairs

Repairing the street after repairs to sewer and water services can cost a lot. The City has built in some protection for single family and duplex properties related to these costs.

City policy limits the exposure to costs associated with street restoration to a maximum of $1,250. Street restoration costs in excess of $1,250 are reimbursed by the City. This reimbursement policy only applies to homesteaded single family and duplex properties; other land uses are responsible for the entire cost of street restoration.

If you need to repair your sewer or water service and need to cut into the street to make this repair please contact Vance Campbell at 952-548-6361 to find out what you need to do to apply for a reimbursement. Reimbursements must be approved prior to any work. Permits and inspections are required to qualify.