Affordable Housing

A wide range of housing types is the bedrock of a healthy and livable community. Safe and stable housing can provide security that allows kids to do better in school and people to thrive.  Hopkins provides a variety of housing options with opportunities for people in all stages of life.  

Affordable Housing as a Council Priority

Historically much of the housing in Hopkins has been affordable. However, market pressures and the economy can cause housing costs to rise. As Hopkins grows and redevelops, ensuring that affordable housing options continue to be available is a priority of the City Council.

The City Council held work sessions on September 13, 2022 and March 14, 2023 to discuss affordable housing. 

Inclusionary Housing Policy

Based on those discussions, the City Council adopted an inclusionary housing policy on May 16, 2023, which is a tool that will require developers to provide affordable housing units within a market rate development under certain conditions. 

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